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Rail transport began to develop essentially during the period of the Industrial Revolution, and since then it has become unstoppable and is now used all over the world by many different types of passengers. There are many thousands of kilometers of line across the globe.

The main railway networks are in the USA, with 212 thousand km of lines, Russia with around 87 thousand km, China around 70 thousand km and fourth place in the ranking, India, with 63 thousand km of railway lines. It is estimated, for example, that India transports about 5 billion passengers and more than 350 million tons of cargo annually. More than 22 million daily passengers.


In the case of India is the largest means of transportation and the most used by people either to travel between cities to go to work or to go visit family or for other reasons. A journey inside a train turns out to be a real adventure and we always know that the train is most likely to be late. A train that was scheduled to be a 12-hour trip might end up being a 20-hour journey. The easiest is to never make plans. 


In one month I traveled 6797 miles around India to see how the Indians travel.


In India there are several classes and the most common are: Two Tier AC, wagon with air conditioning in which there are compartments with 4 beds and there is the possibility of closing the compartment with curtains for more privacy; Three Tier AC, wagon with air conditioning in which the compartments have 6 beds; Sleeper, wagon without air conditioning and with compartments with 6 beds and without curtains; Second Class, which basically have the structure of the Sleeper Class but with hard-seaters and no marked places; Chair Car among others.


The most used classes and therefore the most chaotic are the Sleeper and Second Class. Anyone who wants to experience the true experience of traveling among Indians will have to take a deep breath, accept chaos and filth, and travel in one of these classes. India as we all know is giant. But riding on it still makes the country even bigger! To travel from one city to another can take 4 hours as it can take 36 hours, if there are no delays. Those who travel in these classes have the opportunity to meet the people who live in this colorful country. It is true that most do not speak English and even if you say that you do not speak Hindu they try to have a conversation with you in Hindu, to know where you are from, what you are doing there and mainly why you are not in the Two Tier AC class. As much as say you do not want to taste their food, which is extremely spicy you'll have to try and hold your mouth on fire.

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