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The Awa indigenous tribe lives in the Amazon Rainforest in the Brazilian state of Maranhão, divided into four villages: Awa, Tiracambú, Juriti and Guajá. A total of 400 people living as close as possible to the purity of its origins. The hunting days are long, but do not spare anyone: today, children and women also head the expedition through the dense forest. Here there is no certain age (the last of these families was discovered less than ten years ago), only the day-to-day survival.

The help of the institutions responsible for its preservation leads to the community a few words in Portuguese, urban clothing and rare utensils for easy daily life. But the goal is to be an arm more in the fight against the increasing encroachment of loggers in search of the most precious of the Amazon forest, the trees that give it the surname: The Lung of the Earth.

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