Africa is the second most populous continent on Earth (after Asia) with about one billion people. Displays great ethnic, cultural, social and political. Of the thirty poorest countries in the world (with more problems of malnutrition, illiteracy, low life expectancy) at least 21 are African. It is the continent with the highest birth rate. In this portefolio are portrayed children from two African countries: Guinea-Bissau, one of the poorest countries in the world and Mali which is the third African country with the highest birth rate (45 births per 1000 inhabitants). The two countries have had coups during the year 2012 and till now the situation has not improved. In the portefolio we can see several children, and all with different looks. Some with looks of happiness, sadness of others but also of hope. Because even if they do not have the privileges of children in more developed countries there is always hope.

© Daniel Rodrigues 2020